Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July fun!

This 4th of July was pretty typical for us, we spent time with family and friends barbequing, golfing and watching the fire works. It also gave me a long weekend away from work. This has always been one of my favorite holidays and can't wait to share it with our daughter next summer. Kris spent the last weekend of June at Beaver lake with some friends and had a great time, while I spent time with Brenda and Jenna and went to the pool. Update on the adoption front, we were very excited for our home study to get updated and done again. I was able to mail it to the immigration office in KC on July 3rd so we can be approved to adopt in Ethiopia instead of Vietnam. It could take us up to three months to hear but it only took one month the first time around so I am hoping for a quick turnaround. I also sent copies of our dossier to our social worker in St. Louis to be reviewed for any mistakes, she thought everything looked good so once we get our approval from immigration we will take it all to KC to be state certified. Next week we will be going to south Missouri with a large group of people canoeing for a long weekend, we have done this for several different summers and I am very exited to be able to say that we will probably not be attending next year due to having our daughter.

I started cleaning out the babies room last weekend, it has kind of been a catch-all room and I was excited to start. We are slowly trying to get our house ready for her.

Beaver lake from the boat
Jenna "driving" the tractor
Jenna and her first sparkler

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elisa said...

Where in mo are you? we will be in springfield next week. i'd love to do a MO. get together when we all get our babies. what age are you asking for? We are 18mos. and younger


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