Monday, October 19, 2009


Finally the Ethiopia courts are up and running! The Hyman family just received their court date today. I couldn't believe when they said it was THIS FRIDAY!!! We were expecting court dates to be another month after notice. This means, if all goes well, the Hymans could be in Ethiopia next month! This is awesome news. Really praying that the Salyers are next in line for their date. Now come on baby girl referrals!!!
Referral Update: Our agency handed out a referral today for 19 month old twin boys. The lucky family had waited 16 months.

Monday, October 12, 2009

How sweet it is!

Nothing new to report on the adoption front but we DID have a blast in K.C. this past weekend. We headed down Saturday and picked out our new crib (which won't be available for pickup for another 7-14 days). For some reason, white baby furniture is never readily in stock. They had plenty of black and wood-toned furniture readily available but not white. For now, we'll just have to include a stock photo of Marley's new crib.

After crib shopping we headed over to my brother & sister-in-law's for the night. We tried out an awesome pizza joint in Liberty, MO called The Dish. Awesome, awesome pizza! If you're ever in the area, we definitely recommend.

The next day we watched our beloved Cowboys put the smack down on the loooooowely Chiefs! It was great!!!

Inside Arrowhead, pre-smackdown
Little bro & I. (for some reason, his smile was turned upside down a few hours later)


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