Monday, July 28, 2008

July Fun

Well, we don't have any news to report at this time. I mailed our info to the immigration office in KC on July 3rd and still have not heard back, I was hoping it would not take very long since we have been approved and only need a country change, hopefully we will hear very soon. Kris and I went canoeing a few weeks ago in south Missouri on the Current River with a large group of people and had a wonderful time, it's always nice to go away and always nice to come home. I will have to post some pics when we get them developed. Kris and I spent last week working on our basement he scraped the popcorn off the walls of our stairwell and painted while I was on clean up duty, of course we still have more work to do.

We have both been very busy at work this summer and can't believe it is almost time for school to start again. I have to say that I am ready for fall and which will put us closer to our baby girl.

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