Monday, June 23, 2008

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

We actually had some excitement this past weekend (for a change). We decided to take in a Royals game with Brenda, David and Jenna. We've been wanting to go for a while, just never gotten around to it. I think the last time we were at a Royals game was 3 years ago against our cross-state rivals, the Cardinals. This was Jenna's very first time at the ball park. She seemed to be having more fun climbing from seat to seat, watching birds fly, and pulling my nose off and throwing it out on the field :) It was a really good game. For once we actually got to see the Royals win in person. It seems in the past we've always been more of a jinx than anything. The new upgrades at Kauffman Stadium are looking good so far but there is still a lot of construction going on. The huge High-Def scoreboard is insane! Although the Royals are in last place they are currently one of the hottest teams in the bigs. They've got lots of promising, young talent, not to mention an awesome closer named Joakim Soria. This guy is lights-out. He actually made a batter fall down swinging at a pitch! It was great! On the adoption front, we're still waiting on paper work to get back to us and for our home study to be completed. Here's some shots from Saturday night:

David, Brenda, Jenna, & Staci: This High-Def Screen is Cool!!!
The inevitable self-portrait:

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Misty said...

What fun! I love going to "real" games. Gonna have to cheer for the Rockies, but still glad you went and had fun!


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