Monday, February 15, 2010

If all goes well...

In exactly one month, we will be arriving in Ethiopia.  We've got our flights reserved and our lodging taken care of.  We have chosen LUFTHANSA airlines based on price, directness and crib availability.  We will be leaving Sunday, March 14th and are scheduled to arrive in Ethiopia Monday, the 15th around 7:30 PM.  Because of the lateness of our arrival, I am almost certain that we will not be able to meet Marley until Tuesday morning.  What kind of torture is that?!?!  Knowing your little one is only 5 minutes away and you still can't get to her!!!  I'm sure there will be no sleep had by the Hansels that night.

After lots and lots of mulling we have decided to stay at the House of Hope II, owned and operated by Children's Hope.  We had originally opted for the Melkam Guest House after hearing  many positive experiences from recently traveled families but the only rooms still available were small and shared bathrooms with other families.  We have a large suite booked at the House of Hope II so that will be nice plus all our meals and transportation are taken care of. 

As the days go buy, the thought of us actually being parents is becoming more and more real and the freak-out factor (while still fairly low at this point) slowly climbs a bit each day.  We've never even met our little one but already we love her very, very, VEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRY much and cannot wait until March 16th.  Here's to the next few weeks passing quickly.

A few pics of the H.O.H. II...

and just because she's the most beautiful baby ever, here's 4 more pics!!!


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