Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The really, really, reeeeeeeally overdue post...

Mar-Mar's 1st B-Day:
I know, I know...It's been forever since we've posted an update.  Is anyone still out there?  We used to get agitated at those families whose blogs we followed during our wait, when they would quit posting for months on end and here we are...GUILTY AS CHARGED!  It's amazing just how little time you have for blogging once those little ones get here.  I LOVE IT!  So much to post about but where to begin?  Ahhh yes, Mar-Mar's big 1 year birthday party!  Had a blast with tons of family and friends who helped celebrate our special day.  Let me tell you, this little girl raked it in too.  Lots and lots of clothes and toys.  Her momma and I got her a Cozy Coupe for her birthday and her reaction was priceless!  We saved it for last and once we rolled it out she let out this very shrill shreak, you know, the kind that can shatter glass.  She ran/hobbled over to it as fast as she could and wanted in immediately.  It was GREAT!  Judging by that last photo, I think we should have gotten a family pic BEFORE the party!  So without further adieu, here's some shots from her birthday.

Our first Halloween!
Life as we know it...
The last couple of months since our last post have been an absolute joy ride.  Marley is sooooo smart!  She knows all of her farm animal sounds and is learning new words daily.  We've even started counting to 3!  And that walking thing?  Forget it...We're into SPEED walking now.  We're getting a wee bit pickier when it comes to eating but we love Bananas (that's "nana's" in Marley-bonics).  Not much of a veggie fan, more of a meat & potatoes kind of girl.  Just like Dadda :)  We love, love, looooove books (particularly Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Our evenings are spent closing doors, taking the dog's bowls (and yes, sometimes the dog's food) away, laughing, rolling, hugs, kisses, tickle-tickles, and reading the same 3 books over, and over again and you know what?  I wouldn't have it any other way.  What did we ever do without our little girl?

It's our Referral-versary today!!!(from Dadda's point of view)
     It was a cold dreary day with a heafty threat of snow in the forecast.  I was very busy helping customers that morning when my cell rang at approximately 10:45 A.M.  I looked down and saw the famous St. Louis area code and my heart sank immediately.  Could this really be THE call?  I answered the phone nervously and it was Ashley (our adoption consultant).  She said, "We have your referral!  Hold on while we get Staci on the other line."  a few seconds pass and the next thing I hear is my wifey sobbing and blubbering on the other end of the line.  Now when I say, blubbering I mean, reeeeeally blubbering.  You know, the kind of blubbering that is almost incoherent.  We both dropper everything and raced each other home to check out our beautiful baby girl for the first time.  Truely the 2nd best day of my life!  It's weird thinking that one year ago tonight, we were filled with a comination of disbelief and joy.  Now here it is, one year later and I just kissed my little girl Night-Night.  Happy Referral-versary Staci and Mar-Mar.  I love you guys!


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