Sunday, February 28, 2010

One week to go!!!

Well, we can't believe that our time is almost here!  In exactly one week, we will be in the air!  We have been very busy getting everything rounded up and ready to go. Friday night we were treated to a night out at the Blue Nile Ethopian restaurant in downtown KC thanks to Kris' brother Ryan and his wife, Krissy (THANKS GUYS).  It was very small and packed the entire time we were there. The food was definitley an experience...not bad...different.  They use  lots of spices so everything seemed to have quite a kick.

Saturday Kris and I spent the day shopping and getting all the last minute things we needed for our trip and for her. It has been a long time since we have shopped on a Saturday during the day. we usually go in the evenings and now I remember was a mad house everywhere we went!

Today we got the car seat installed!  It took a little work but we finally got it figured out. We need to clean up her room and take some things down to the basement. Then I will have more room to pack!

Finally, we have a car seat!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS!!!  We are expecting several new pics this week from returning families too.  This coming Friday we are traveling to KC for our first Ethiopian dining experience with my brother Ryan and his wife Krissy at the Blue Nile Cafe.  Can't wait!  We were able to bump our reservations for room and flight without any issues and there are still a few minor things we have left to do in the nursery (namely rearranging some wall hangings and filling nail holes).  We plan on picking up a Diaper Genie Elite II this weekend at Babies-r-Us while we're in the city but other than that, I think we're all set for baby Marley.

The Blue Nile Cafe in K.C.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freaking Out!!!

The realness/freakout factor just quadrupled today after receiving some very good news from our consultant, Ashley.  OUR VISA DATE WAS BUMPED UP A WEEK!!!  We will now be leaving March 7th and traveling with 17 OTHER FAMILIES!!!  That's GOT to be a record.  We just got our reservation changed at the House of Hope II and our travel agent is working on our flight schedule so the wheels are turning and it definitly seems alot more real now.  Holy Cow, that's just a little over 2 weeks away!!!

Of course it wouldn't be a post without a new pic :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

If all goes well...

In exactly one month, we will be arriving in Ethiopia.  We've got our flights reserved and our lodging taken care of.  We have chosen LUFTHANSA airlines based on price, directness and crib availability.  We will be leaving Sunday, March 14th and are scheduled to arrive in Ethiopia Monday, the 15th around 7:30 PM.  Because of the lateness of our arrival, I am almost certain that we will not be able to meet Marley until Tuesday morning.  What kind of torture is that?!?!  Knowing your little one is only 5 minutes away and you still can't get to her!!!  I'm sure there will be no sleep had by the Hansels that night.

After lots and lots of mulling we have decided to stay at the House of Hope II, owned and operated by Children's Hope.  We had originally opted for the Melkam Guest House after hearing  many positive experiences from recently traveled families but the only rooms still available were small and shared bathrooms with other families.  We have a large suite booked at the House of Hope II so that will be nice plus all our meals and transportation are taken care of. 

As the days go buy, the thought of us actually being parents is becoming more and more real and the freak-out factor (while still fairly low at this point) slowly climbs a bit each day.  We've never even met our little one but already we love her very, very, VEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRY much and cannot wait until March 16th.  Here's to the next few weeks passing quickly.

A few pics of the H.O.H. II...

and just because she's the most beautiful baby ever, here's 4 more pics!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 5 months baby girl!!!

And what better way to celebrate baby girl's 5 month birthday than with a new, really long video courtesy of the Miller family.  We were both in tears at 6 AM this morning watching this for the first time.  By the way, this little girls got the makings of being an American Idol someday.  Check out the rythem in that head-bob to the nannies snapping fingers and the fact that she's trying to snap her own fingers too!    LOL.  Thank you Millers!!!

Could it be?!?!  A SMILE?!?!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the search for the elusive "smiling" pic...

What a GREAT week so far! Officially became a family and now, new pics of our 5 Month old Marley! Still looking for that elusive smiling pic though especially after hearing Erica talk about her sweet little toothless grin. A big thanks to all of our readers for all the wonderful comments yesterday and also to the Gramling family for the new pics. Enjoy!

Thinking about a smile???

Almost there!!!  You can do it!!!

The search continues...

Monday, February 8, 2010


We are totally beside ourselves at the moment. Just received word from Ashley (our adoption consultant) saying that our court date was moved up a few days and we [insert drum roll here]......................WE PASSED!!!!!! Our court date was actually Feb. 3rd and our tentative VISA date is March 18th. And now, introducing for the first time, Marley Ann Megertu Hansel!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

the 4-1-1 on Marley...

Found this post on my facebook today from Erica Shubin regarding Marley.  Erica just returned from a mission trip in Ethiopia and got to see and hold Marley for us!  You can check out her blog HERE

So without further adieu : "Oh my goodness she is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Held her, loved on her, kissed on her. My daughter asked if we could have her she loved her so much. I let her know she had a family that loved her so. I knew you had a court date coming up (Tsegaye told us) and it breaks my heart in two to hear you didn't pass...Oh and there is a picture of you two above her crib, she has the most AMAZINGLY soft curls her smile will melt you....she LOVES to be held and her toothless grin lights up a room! She is PRECIOUS!!!"

Thanks Erica.  you have no idea how much this little bit of info means to us.  So now, to all you families out there that may be taking pictures for us over the next few weeks.  WE NEED SMILING PICTURES!!!  :)

And finally; last-but certainly not least, a big CONGRATULATIONS to our very good adoption friends, the Williams family.  they found out yesterday that they passed court and have a tentative VISA appointment of March 18.  Hopefully, if all goes well, we will be traveling with this wonderful family.  You can check out there blog HERE.  CONGRATS AGAIN WILLIAMS'!!!


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