Sunday, February 28, 2010

One week to go!!!

Well, we can't believe that our time is almost here!  In exactly one week, we will be in the air!  We have been very busy getting everything rounded up and ready to go. Friday night we were treated to a night out at the Blue Nile Ethopian restaurant in downtown KC thanks to Kris' brother Ryan and his wife, Krissy (THANKS GUYS).  It was very small and packed the entire time we were there. The food was definitley an experience...not bad...different.  They use  lots of spices so everything seemed to have quite a kick.

Saturday Kris and I spent the day shopping and getting all the last minute things we needed for our trip and for her. It has been a long time since we have shopped on a Saturday during the day. we usually go in the evenings and now I remember was a mad house everywhere we went!

Today we got the car seat installed!  It took a little work but we finally got it figured out. We need to clean up her room and take some things down to the basement. Then I will have more room to pack!

Finally, we have a car seat!


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