Friday, September 10, 2010

Melkam Lidet, Mar-Mar!!!

That's "Happy Birthday" in Amharic. I know this post is a day early but we've got a lot going on tomorrow with the birthday party and everything. It's hard to believe that our little girl is getting so BIG! Really 2 big milestones this week. Today marked the day in which Marley has officially been with us longer than she was without it. It's a great feeling knowing that we've been there for the majority of her life.
Tomorrow we are having a cupcake themed party for Mar-Mar and are expecting lots of friends and kiddos. We're pretty excited, especially to see her expression when we wheel out the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe that we got for her 1st b-day. We were over at Brenda and David's the other night and Marley got in Jenna & Jarrett's Cozy Coupe and threw a screamin' fit when we took her out. Made our gift decision pretty easy.
Our last post was a vid of Marley taking her first steps. Since then she's pretty much mastered the art of walking. The girl absolutely refuses to crawl anymore. Her personality is hilarious. She is constantly cracking us up with her antics. Her newest favorite words are "Hi", "Bye", "Bree" (is actually a cross between "book" and "read") and BaBa". The last word actually encompasses many meanings. It means ball, bottle, and MaMa. Yes, we've actually discovered that Marley can fiiiiiiinally say "Mama", it just comes out as "baba". Mama is sooooo happy! Melkam Lidet baby girl!
Until next time, here are some new pics of the lovely and talented Miss Marley.

Hangin' out at Coco Keys in K.C.
Chillin encounter with livestock!
Chillin' w/ dada at the K.C. Zoo
Marley rollin' w/ cousin Jarrett
This is what happens with 3 kiddos and 1 Cozy Coupe :)
1st b-day invitation photo shoot
That's right, you're 1!


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