Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're Baaaack!!!

We just got back from our little Mexican excursion yesterday evening and man did we have a GREAT time! The family we had planned on going with had to back out last minute due to a family crisis so it was just us for one last, final hurrah before parenthood. Not a lot to tell you about the trip as we really had no real plans other than lots of good ole' relaxation, just us and a lot of sun & water. Our days pretty much consisted of breakfast, beach/drinks, lunch, pool/drinks, supper, beach/pool/drinks yada, yada, yada....you see a pattern here? :) The trip went exactly as we had hoped. And no, the cell phone never rang but we didn't let that drag us down. After a month without referrals we weren't too shocked.

Our hotel was very nice and the water was so beautiful & calm. The hotel also had a manmade reef about 50 yards out that was really great for snorkeling. We spent a few hours just exploring the water, fish, and coral around this little reef. We spent one afternoon away from the hotel on a snorkeling trip which was well worth the money. If you're ever in Cancun we would highly recommend booking a trip through Snorkeling Adventures. We went to the 2nd largest reef in the world (2nd only to the Great Barrier Reef) 3 different times, once in shallow water, once in deep water, and for the final trip in REALLY shallow water. So shallow that you had to be very mindful of your flippers not brushing against the coral. It was a BLAST and Eduardo (our guide) was terrific! They served our crew a really good lunch in between outtings also.

We stayed at the Riu Caribe which we would highly recommend. While it wasn't the fanciest hotel in Cancun, it was very nice and the staff did an incredible job making sure we were happy. Not to mention that the beach was perfect (especially if you're traveling with children) very placid, unlike a lot of the beaches in Cancun which are very choppy, rocky, and have very strong undertows. So if you're looking for a nice, little getaway: Cancun>Riu Caribe>Snorkeling Adventures. You can't go wrong with this combo!

I'll end with an email we just received from a family currently in Ethiopia regarding the recent referral drought:

"Ok, so I'm in ET now and have visited HOH (House of Hope) many times. Please, trust me, there IS hope! :)"

Hmmm, could good news be on the way?!?! Until next time, here's a few pics from our trip:

The traditional "Lounging with the feet up" pic
View from the hotelThe water was absolutely amazing
One of the two pirate ships that cruised past our hotel every eveningHaving dinner at the hotel's seaside restaurantNot quite for sure if these are coconuts or not. Anyone out there know?Neat little banana tree. The landscaping and foliage was incredibleOur last hurrah as a twosome!


elisa said...

So glad you had a getaway! Lord knows we need it through this craziness. So I just noticed your "Miles for Marley" thing, it's adorable! You know my son's name is Miles and we have a Marley...tooo funny!

Missy said...

Looks awesome!! We want to take a family trip to Cancun...it is so cheap to fly down there from San Antonio!! We haven't been there since our honeymoon...
Here is my "unofficial" guess on referrals: I bet Tsegay will hand out a LARGE group of referrals in the next few weeks. Right before his trip to the US. Just a guess, but it sure sounded like a huge hint in that email... :)

Erin Sager said...

Amazing...Glad you had fun in the sun

Saxon and Shannon said...

Wow! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Hoping you get the call this month! :)


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