Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tesfa-Hope shirts...

Just dropping a quick line to let you all know we've got our new Tesfa-Hope shirts available in our Etsy store. They are the coolest! The best part: they are totally customizable. We both had the stone-green & yellow shirts made with "7910 miles 4 marley" across the back!

I know we've been neglecting our blog the past couple of weeks but I promise, a blog update is coming soon! Things have just been a little bit discouraging the past few weeks on the adoption front since we hit the 1 year mark so we really haven't been feeling the blog. Time to get with it. We are close!!!

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Team Chain said...

Hello I saw your comment on my blog. I didn't even know anyone read it. I would love for us to follow along each others blogs. And I definitely want to support and get a couple T-shirts. Be Blessed!
-The Chain's


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