Monday, April 6, 2009

Why international adoption???

This is a question we have been asked on more than one occasion often to the tune of, "Why not adopt from the United States? There are plenty of children in our own country that need homes." For months we have struggled trying to come up with just the right words to express WHY we are adopting internationally and now, thanks to one of our blog buddies, Brooke, we have found those words. She really hit the nail on the head. The following is an excerpt from her blog. Thanks Brooke!--Kris

-----The fact is, that international adoption is NOT the answer to the world's orphan population. Tackling the problem within each individual nation seems to be the best way to help children living in poverty. I completely believe that the most optimal situation is for children to stay with their biological parents, and within their own country. BUT, when a parent is unable to provide the basic necessities of life, or they are deceased, and at that point no one steps up and says I will care for this child here in their home that point adoption should be the next best option for the child.

Furthermore, I am more than irritated by the thought that we as Americans should only adopt Americans. "There are so many kids in the U.S. that need homes, why don't you adopt them?"

For one, my love for children doesn't stop at the borders of this country. We believe that children deserve love wherever in the world they are born, what ever skin color they may have. Kids need and deserve love.

Though the foster care system here in the U.S. is not ideal for children, it can and often does work. Though the situations that force these kids into Foster Care are often horrendous, the system is set up to provided the basic necessities to the children. They should be provided food, water, shelter, clothing, and education. I'm not naive enough to say that children in the Foster Care system are always looked after properly. I realize that their are many instances that the system fails these kids.

In countries like Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, and on and on, many orphans will not have access to any of the necessities listed above. Children will be forced into unthinkable circumstances, with no one looking after them. If they survive, the chances that they are able to live a healthy life are not likely. They will probably not be afforded the opportunity to attend school or have access to medical care.-----


The Wilson Family --------- said...

Staci, I haven't ever personally wondered why you and Kris are adopting from Ethiopia. I just have always thought that was what you were going to do -- from the beginning. Thank you for the insight. It does make sense!! God bless you both on your journey! Your story is inspiring! I really enjoy keeping up with your blog!

Sherry said...

I LOVE this! I may have to steal this quote for my blog also. We are asked the same thing and it is sooo difficult getting people to understand. This is exactly what we have been trying to tell everyone.

Hope you get your referral soon!


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