Monday, March 30, 2009

7 months & more referrals...

Well, another month down and another update. We have officially been waiting SEVEN MONTHS!!! By my calculations we are currently #33 on the overall wait list but we have no clue what our ACTUAL number is on the girls list. The past few months have been rather slow and spotty for referrals but the past 2 weeks are hopefully a sign of things to come. Last week our agency handed out 5 referrals and this week they have already handed out a referral for a 5 month old baby girl. CONGRATS HOAGLANDS!!!

In other news, Kris' little brother, Ryan, is getting married in a few weeks! A couple of weeks ago we went to K.C. for their couples shower and had a blast. The bachelor party is this weekend and the wedding is on the 18th so this will really keep us busy the next few weeks. This past weekend my friend Kim had a 40th b-day party for her husband, Stew. It was an 80's themed party and Kim and Robyn let it all hang out with there 80's gear. Needless to say, fun was had by all. Until next time, here's some pics.--Staci

Kris and his lil' bro Ryan at the couples shower

Robyn in her 80's best

Hangin' with my sister Brenda and Candy

Kim & the b-day boy

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