Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy (early) Holidays!

Just ordered our first Christmas cards on Shutterfly.  Happy (early) Holidays!


Evan said...

Beautiful Pictures!!

Anne said...

I agree Evan, darling pictures, lovely card!
Did you guys take part in that shutterfly deal where they give you a $25 gift card off your next order if you post about them on your blog? Check out their website for more info :)

Kris & Staci Hansel said...

Thanks guys! @anne-we didn't know anything about the $25. Do you have a link to the page. I checked out shutterfly's website and found nothing about it.

Kris & Staci Hansel said...

Ok Anne, think I've got it figured out now. Thanks!

janice said...


I am in Anchorage Alaska and take care of the babies at the 11 am service. This morning we had a
1st timer - she looks just like Marley and it turns out she was just adopted from Ethiopia. I thought of your beautiful Marley as soon as I saw her.

Blessings to you all on this very special Christmas.

Anne said...

Janice! I am an Alaskan and am in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. There are very few Ethiopians living in our Northern state. I would LOVE to connect with the family at your church if they might be interested. Perhaps you could share my blog with them and they could contact me through that if they are interested??
Thanks SO much!


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