Thursday, February 4, 2010

the 4-1-1 on Marley...

Found this post on my facebook today from Erica Shubin regarding Marley.  Erica just returned from a mission trip in Ethiopia and got to see and hold Marley for us!  You can check out her blog HERE

So without further adieu : "Oh my goodness she is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Held her, loved on her, kissed on her. My daughter asked if we could have her she loved her so much. I let her know she had a family that loved her so. I knew you had a court date coming up (Tsegaye told us) and it breaks my heart in two to hear you didn't pass...Oh and there is a picture of you two above her crib, she has the most AMAZINGLY soft curls her smile will melt you....she LOVES to be held and her toothless grin lights up a room! She is PRECIOUS!!!"

Thanks Erica.  you have no idea how much this little bit of info means to us.  So now, to all you families out there that may be taking pictures for us over the next few weeks.  WE NEED SMILING PICTURES!!!  :)

And finally; last-but certainly not least, a big CONGRATULATIONS to our very good adoption friends, the Williams family.  they found out yesterday that they passed court and have a tentative VISA appointment of March 18.  Hopefully, if all goes well, we will be traveling with this wonderful family.  You can check out there blog HERE.  CONGRATS AGAIN WILLIAMS'!!!


Brooke said...

SO great that Erica could give you an update!!!! I'm sure that made your day. Marley sounds like a sweet little baby.

Thomas said...

This is so good to read ... I cannot wait for you guys to go get her and bring her home.

I'm thinking of all of you! Lots of love!

Missy said...

What an awesome update!!! WOW!! Ans traveling with the Williams will be SO much fun!


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