Monday, December 28, 2009

New pics yesterday!!!

Thanks to the Salyers family we received 5 new photos and an awesome new video of Marley yesterday afternoon. This is the first video we've recevied of her actually awake! It was pretty funny watching her. It's almost as if she's just discovering her hands. She's got her arms stretched straight out and every once-in-awhile she catches her hand out of the corner of her eye and she's like, "whoa, what's this?!" She is sooooo beautiful and already has a full head of curls! Can't wait to finally get our arms around her. Hopefully next week we'll be posting pictures. Our Court is scheduled for the 5th so needless to say, next Tuesday will be a very looooooooong day. The good news is that all families have been passing court their first attempt so hopefully that trend will continue into the future. Until next time, enjoy Marley's new 3 1/2 month "finger" picture!

The 5 cutest little fingers ever!!!


Gregory and Tegan said...

Yay!!! It is so great to hear about the new photos coming in from the Saylers. I'm sure you are watching that video over and over again!
I will be thinking about you next week. I am hopeful that there will be MANY successful court dates (and a few referrals would make next week AMAZING). :)

Kim and Kyle said...

We are spending lots of time staring at our new pictures and loving every inch of what we see! I'll send positive thoughts your way for the 5th and throw a little our way for the 6th! Deal? ;o)


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