Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh what a feeling!

Well the day, the call, the moment has finally come! The call came about 11 am on Monday, November 16, 2009. I was sitting at my desk talking to Shelly when my direct line rang. I told Shelly to wait, that it was probably just Kris since he is the only person who calls my direct line. When I answered it was a female voice and she said "Hi Staci. This is Ashely!" (our adoption consultant) It didn't hit me until she said, "I have Kris on the other line!" It was precisely this moment that I lost it. She then went on to tell us all about our new baby girl, half of which I missed because I was a blubbering mess at this point. After we hung up, Kris and I ran home to see her pictures, read her reports, and spread the word. It was such a GREAT day and so much fun telling all of our family and friends who have waited right by our sides this whole time!

Our official wait time: 14 months, 2 weeks and 2 days for our baby girl, but these little fingers have been a dream of ours for the past 7 YEARS!!!

The Hyman family left this last weekend to pick up their baby girl so we sent a little care package with them for Marley. They are also taking new pics for us, we are so excited to see these new pictures and to see how she has changed. Our hope is to have as many traveling families take pictures for us as possible. At this point, pictures are the only thing we have to get us through the rest of our wait but at least we have a face now! And what a "beautiful" face it is!

Marley's first care package!So what's next???
The most popular question asked to us now is, "when do you get her?" For those of you out there in blogger world that aren't familiar with this process, here's what's next. After waiting over a year for our referral, we get to wait again. This time we're waiting for that all important Ethiopian court date. This is the court date that will make her legally ours through the eyes of the Ethiopian government. This court date is more than likely 2-3 months away. Once we pass court, it is usually a few more weeks before we travel. We will then be in Ethiopia for approximately 1 week before returning home with Marley forever. Hopefully this clears up a lot of the questions people were having regarding this process. It's a whole new waiting game now!


Gregory and Tegan said...

Staci and Kris....We are SOOO happy for you! I was thrilled to hear you also received your referral the same day as the Maedas. Last week was quite charged with all of the excitement! Enjoy starting at those pictures....I really hope this next phase passes as quickly as possible.

Leigh said...

YAY!!!! So excited for all of you! Oh sweet Marley your Mama and Daddy are coming to get you!!! Can't wait to see those sweet pictures once you pick her up!!!

Kim & Kyle Maeda said...

So glad to hear you got a care package to the Hyman's in time. We didn't quite make it, but the Salyers are going to take photos later in December . . . seems so far away!! Here's to waiting and time flying and us getting to travel at the same time (soon, soon, soon!!!)!
Kim & Kyle Maeda


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