Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ban Lifted and Referrals.....FINALLY!!!

We just received some of the best news the past couple of days regarding the Ethiopia program. First off, let me back up to update all of you readers not currently adopting from Ethiopia. A while back, all adoptions and referrals from the capital city of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) regarding abandoned children were halted so the government could investigate some problems that had popped up. This left many families who had already accepted abandoned-children referrals in dissaray not knowing if they would ever be able to bring their children home. Well, long story short, the weeks passed and passed and finally, just yesterday, the Ethiopian government lifted the ban on abandoned children. Today, we found out that those families have finally received their court dates and will hopefully be traveling soon once they complete court. Congrats to those families!!!

Good news for us today. We moved up 2 more spots today. That puts us at #12 on the overall list , therefore, this post is dedicated to the 2nd best QB in the history of the Dallas Cowboys, #12, Roger Staubach (hence the picture). The agency actually handed out 3 referrals but only 2 of the families had been waiting longer than us. The 3rd referral was that of a sibling group ages 3 and 5. Who would have guessed when we started this journey a couple of years ago that we would still be waiting? Last May, when we made the decision to officially leave the Vietnam program and persue an Ethiopian adoption, the wait time was estimated at 6-10 months. Well, we eclipsed that mark last month and now it is estimated at the 1 year mark. Oh well, what's a few more months when you've been waiting over 7 years already?

Before she left CHI, our case worker, Toni, suggested that Staci & I take a vacation this year. Well, we kind of took that suggestion and ran with it. Last week we bit the bullet and booked a trip to Cancun with some good friends of ours, Steve & Wendy Preston! We will be going the last week of August which will be when we hit the 12 month waiting mark. Who knows, maybe we'll get the good news while in Cancun! How awesome would that be?!?!

A big CONGRATS to those lucky families today and all those families who waited for the ban to be lifted!--Kris

Update: I am a complete moron! Once again I've miscalculated our number. Must be those complex equations like 15-2=x. We are actually number 13 on the list but I'm still dedicating this post to Roger Staubach because, well......he's Roger Staubach!


Matt&Maisie said...

That is awesome news! I'm so glad you guys decided to go to Cancun. You are gonig to have a blast and most importantly a much needed, much deserved vacation so you can relax!! You're going to get LOTS of stamps on your passport this year!! :-)

Missy said...

Yep, you'll get your call in Cancun!! Have fun!!


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