Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Referrals & Royals...

What can I say? Since our last post (May 8th) the referrals have been ROLLING in at CHI! 9-COUNT 'EM, 9 REFERRALS!!! We are now #20 on the overall list and in honor of being #20, I'm dedicating our new adoption # picture to one of the greatest K.C. Royals of all time: #20, Frank White! I'm certain that our "actual" number is actually much, much lower but our agency won't give us that info. It's really amazing, we spent what seemed like months in the 30's and now, within a matter of days, we have blown through the 20's like they were nothing. Things are starting to get really exciting on the adoption home-front. Maybe it's time to start looking for new closet doors for the nursery, finish painting the house and stain the deck, since I'm sure the few months between our referral and travel will be filled with shots, packing lists, travel bookings, dotting our i's and crossing our t's.

In other Hansel-news: last week my brother and I treated our dad to a Kansas City Royals game for his birthday. It has been years and years since our annual outings to the K so I thought this would be a great b-day gift for dad. We had a blast! Not only did we get some quality family time in but the Royals won, 8-1. It was great just hanging out with Dad and Ryan like the good ole days.

Until next time, have a great & safe holiday weekend and congrats to the lucky 9 who received referrals this past week!--Kris


Thomas Williams said...

9!!!! In just a couple of weeks!

I meant to ask you guys about this at the wedding but didn't get around to it ... I back then I'd have only gotten old news anyway ... and those 9 wouldn't have gone through. You'd have still been in the 30's!

Congrats ... it might be a good thing to start look for closet doors etc. Those last weeks probably will be very hectic! Isn't it funny how these shots won't hurt at all?

Thomas Williams said...

As for the Royals game ... it has been years since us three boys have done that with dad, too. We went last year to a Cards/Royals game and had a blast. Just like the gold old days ... only with more expensive food.

dwayne and melanie said...

Hi, we were in the CHI Vietnam program for three years when it shut down. We switched to Taiwan and now are home with a beautiful baby girl. I just wanted you to know that I was praying for your dream to come true! SOON!

Missy said...

It is so fun getting lots of referrals!! But we need more...More...MORE!!!! LOL!!


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