Monday, March 23, 2009

Time for a Change....

In lieu of the recent lull of adoption referrals, we've changed our blog background with hopes that it will somehow magically change the program and referrals will somehow start flying in. We're not normally supersticious people but hey, the last time we did this, I believe there were 10 or 12 that came in that very day. So here it is, our official blog-background change for more referrals! May the referrals start rolling in.

***UPDATE: We thought our new blog background was REALLY lucky when we received a call this afternoon and CHI was on the caller ID. Unfortunately, they were just updating their personal files. Talk about your heart skipping a beat! Don't they know NOT to call waiting families unless it's THE call? hehe


Erin and Keith Sager said...

I love the new background, yes we need some action soon. We sold out on the big ones but I can make more, what color would you like just let me know Id be happy to do that for you. Take Care Erin

P.S. I put the big chocolate brown one on the nursery door, it's so cute!!!

Erin and Keith Sager said...

I put them back on our site they are 33.00 5.50 shipping. You can purchase them on the etsy site. When we sell out they remove the picture so I now posted them up again. When you purchase just let us know you want the chocolate color and we will have it out to you soon, you will love the decal, I love mine. Take Care Erin

Julie said...

Oh I hope the blog change does help. Waiting for the many adoption steps is so hard.


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