Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wow, just received word that our agency has had 8 referrals this week alone! Hate to be greedy but maybe there will be a few more by the end of the week. Last week CHI had 2 sets of sibling referrals. The sibling referrals are much more rare and to have two in one week is amazing! Unfortunately, our agency will be closing for Christmas break at the end of this week and will be closed until January 5th. Hopefully once they reopen they will continue raining referrals. We're getting closer!!!
Other than the referrals not much to report in our personal lives. We had a great time this past weekend catching up with the Payne side of the family. Really wish we got together more than once or twice a year. I have actually had thoughts of pulling the crib box out of the garage and getting started on putting it together. God knows if I don't start now I'll probably still be trying to figure out the instructions while we're on our way home from the airport. We've got the changing table/dresser in the nursery but haven't really done much else. I told Staci we'll start getting serious about the nursery after the Super Bowl. That seems like a good target date to start our nursery plans. We've got some ideas, it's just a matter of agreeing on some things. The nursery is the one room in our house that we have yet to touch since we bought our house 5 years ago. It's got this "lovely" pale greenish/blue colored walls and one wall is covered in wallpaper with tiny yellow flowers all over it. IT'S HIDIOUS!!!
Until next time, Merry Christmas to everyone and congrats to the families that received their referrals this week. What a great Christmas gift!


Matt&Maisie said...

That is awesome on the referrals. We're sending positive thoughts and prayer that they come quickly. I can't wait to see the nursery. I know whatever you guys decide on will look so cute.

Brett and Chyanne Hansel said...

Yay!! We can't wait to-hopefully-see you all on Saturday. We will keep thinking of and praying for a referral soon!


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