Tuesday, December 30, 2008

4 Months Down/Rockabye Baby CD's

Well, we've officially been on the waiting list for 4 months now! It's gone relatively fast to this point considering we got on the list during the summer when things were fairly hectic, and the Thanksgiving and & Christmas Holidays have helped keep our minds off the wait. Here's to hoping that the next few months go just as quickly.

The CHI offices are still closed and will remain so until January 5. We are hoping for a flood of referrals once the offices re-open. Hopefully there is a huuuuuuge backlog of referrals accumulating on their desks as we speak!

We had a great time over the Holidays. We spent Christmas Eve at Staci's parents and had a blast watching our niece, Jenna, fuss with another youngster over her new big wheel (or "bike" as Jenna calls it). It was so funny! While they were fussing over it, it was time for Pa'pa Neil to open the gift Jenna had picked out for him [a pack of gum :) ] and instead of taking the risk of losing control of the big wheel, Jenna pulled it into a spare bedroom and shut the door. As soon as Pa'pa" opened the gift she ran back to the bedroom and got her big wheel. Needles to say, she has a little more work to do in the "sharing" dept, hehe.

Staci and I got the coolest baby gift from my brother and his fiance. We got the Metallica & U2 lullabye CD's. These things are cool. The album art is modeled after the original album art but with teddy bears instead (pretty funny). They're really cool! Here's some pics:
Here's the Metallica CD:

And here's the U2 version
You can get the lullaby renditions of several bands including the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nirvana, the Eagles, etc, etc... Check them out HERE

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Matt&Maisie said...

Why is it your blog always looks so nice and put together and mine looks as though I'm blogging on a burlap sack :-) I like the new background.


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