Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well, we have officially waited two months!! By my calculations we are #92 on the list. I know that seems like a high number but hopefully we get some steady referrals and it continues to go down. Kris and I made it to St. Louis and back in one piece. We had fun even though the Cowboys were terrible!! We were able to check into our downtown hotel early on Saturday so we were able to make it to Arch not long after the Obama rally started. Since I am so short and there were thousands of people there all I saw was his hand waving, Kris was able to see more. It was really neat to experience something like that and see how the crowd reacted to things he said. It was beautiful in St. Louis all weekend so we headed inside the Arch and did the tourist stuff, I had never actually gone up the Arch so we did that and look around. We were hot and tired so we walked back to our hotel checked out Washington Ave and headed to our room to rest before
dinner. The weekend would have been perfect if the Cowboys had won, we still had fun anyway!!

Nothing else new to report we are enjoying the weather and keeping buy with work.


los cazadores said...

Just wanted to say hi! Looks like I'm in good company - we're waiting together. :)


losiloni said...

I love the Arch. I was so fascinated when I was in it as a kid that I did not want to come back down... my dad made me...

Anyway, YEAH! to two months down!


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