Thursday, September 4, 2008


We are now a waiting family!!! our Dossier was sent to Ethiopia on Friday August 29th so now comes the hard part, waiting. As you can read from the title of our blog we decided to unveil her name, Marley. Kris actually picked the name; he heard it last winter and really liked it, and it has been the only name we both really liked and agreed on. She will have two middle names Ann (my middle name) and her given name. We had originally decided not to tell her name but there are at least a dozen pregnant women in our town and we thought it might be better to put it out there so people are aware that it is OUR name so they will not use it. I know Marley is not a common name but you never know. Also I had never posted that Kris and I are going to have a new niece or nephew, my sister is expecting again in early February, we are all very excited!

So please pray that our agency starts receiving lots of referrals and that our referral comes quickly!!!


LISA said...

hEY!Thanks for finding our blog! That's terrific that you are on the waiting list! Yayyy!!!
It still seems odd that we just got back from Ethiopia,with our two little ones!! I think you will find CHI was a good choice!
Keep me updated! And, hey, where is Albany? We are in Pittsburg,KS!!!

Children's Hope International said...

I love it! And congratulations on the wait list!

Jennifer N.

Misty said...

Congrats on the great news! It feels so great to finally get all of the paperwork out of your hands! I LOVE the name! It is so pretty. Great choice!

Brent & Tory said...

Yay! This is so exciting!

elisa said...

I LOVE the name! That's going to be our daughter's name! Let me guess, was it the movie Legend? That's where I got it from and then I started researching Bob Marley and found out he actually attended an Orthodox Ethopian Christian Church, how cool, huh? Anyways, good luck on the wait.

The Taylor Family said...

(Oops, I just posted my comment to the wrong day.) Anyway, congratulations, again! I remember it being such a huge relief to have the paperwork out of the house, approved, and IN ETHIOPIA! Celebrate! :)


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