Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paperwork & More Paperwork

Well, this week we were able to put a considerable dent in our mound of paperwork. The biggest accomplishment came last night when we finished our 10 hours of Hague Parent Ed. classwork. Now, if only we are able to pass our last test. The first 3 tests were all multiple choice but this last one was the dreaded short-answer test. We submitted it last night and should find out within a week if we passed. It takes 7 days to get the test back because it IS short answer and it has to be hand graded. I swear, I've had college classes that were easier than this stuff!!! Oh well, it's done and that's one more thing checked off the paperwork list.
Other things accomplished this week: Saturday we sent off for our passports which we were told have been taking 2-3 weeks to get back. Not that bad, it's checked off our list. Hmmm, what else??? Oh yes, got certified copies of our birth certificates in, completed a financial report, finished our Letter of Introduction, got a notorized copy of our Marriage License, sent off for our Criminal Background Records, got our employer letters back from our supervisors (awaiting notorization), and received our medical-clearance letters (also awaiting notorization). I think that pretty much sums up our week. I believe the plan for next week is to get as much notorization of our documents done as possible and hopefully get our reference letters back [no pressure guys :) ].
River Camp is this weekend!!! I know what I'll be doing!!! I think Staci is planning on hanging out at the cabin Saturday night with Kim while I'm doing the River Camp thing. Hopefully the River Camp thing doesn't include a trip to Heartland and a huge medical bill like it did a few years ago hehe. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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